Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review of "Accused" by Janice Cantore

Janice Cantore is a former police officer and this book is the first in a new series focusing on the main character, Carly Edwards.

Carly is a veteran member of the (fictional) town of Las Playas in Southern California.  Recently divorced because her fellow cop husband, Nick, cheated on her, she is on the verge of becoming bitter, and is often defensive towards just about everyone she comes into contact with - work, friends, and family alike.  Additionally, her father died of cancer five years ago, and she just cannot reconcile God loving her with Him allowing her father die.  This thought process, combined with her husband's infidelity, has very much shaped her into the person we meet in this book.

The plot focuses on solving the murder of Las Playas' mayor, complicated by a potential corruption in the police department that appears to have very far reaching tentacles.  Carly just isn't sure who she can trust, but is compelled to solve the mystery.

I had mixed feelings about this book....I enjoyed knowing the author clearly knew what she was writing about, but felt that some of the conversations were stilted and seemed unnatural.  However, overall I enjoyed trying to figure out the mystery along with Carly, and I will read the second book in this new series when it comes out.

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