Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review of "Flame of Resistance" by Tracy Groot

This is the first book I have had the opportunity to read by this author.  The setting is just before D-Day in Normandy, and the Nazis are not making France a pleasant place to live. Brigitte Durand is an interesting main character - she is a prostitute at a Germans-only brothel, who longs for not just her freedom but her country's as well, and she is willing to fight however she can for it.  She has a deep love for France and struggles with the choices she has made to get to this place.  Tom Jaeger is an American fighter pilot shot down during a battle, discovered by the Resistance.  Because his appearance is so strikingly 'German', he is pressed into service with Flame, a resistance cell - and things begin to change very rapidly.

Although I enjoyed this novel and overall would recommend it, it took me some time to really get going, to truly get a feel for it.  I also struggled at times to understand their "languaging", especially since many of the references (some historical, some the expressions of the times) felt a little obscure to me at first.  However, once I got a little further along it all began to come together.  And the end made it all worthwhile!

I will look forward to reading more from Tracy Groot.  Enjoy!

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