Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review of "The Search Committee" by Tim Owens

A church in the south is looking for a new pastor and a group of individuals who are to represent the church's wishes are sent on a number of church "field trips" to find one.  They are all struggling in different areas, some on several serious topics, and we see glimpses of them not only together but in their individual lives, trying to figure things out.

As a pastor's daughter, sister, and wife (yep -surrounded), the concept of a Search Committee is not new to me.  I can't say I've ever read a book about one in theory, this book's premise was super appealing to me.

In reality, in complete honesty I had a hard time finishing it.  I thought the writing was fine, especially for a first time author, and initially I had a hard time putting my finger on what specifically I didn't love, but the bottom line?  It just didn't come together for me.  I think the primary reason is that I found many of the main characters unlikeable.  I get that they were supposed to be "flawed" (and that is a large part of the point), but I just didn't find it to be enough.

I did enjoy the differing viewpoints and the layering approach the author seemed to take in revealing more and more about the main characters as the story goes on.  And the ending seems fitting!  Ultimately, I will be happy to read more by Tim Owens but this one, for me, wasn't my favorite.

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