Friday, June 15, 2012

Review of "Heart Echoes" by Sally John

This is book number three in the Side Roads series by Sally John.  They have all been great books and I appreciate that they are all stand-alone titles, but still have the same feel and style to them.

We begin with a massive, life changing earthquake, and Teal Morgan-Adams will never be the same.  She is a woman with a huge heart, a passion for life, and a big secret.  For 17 years she has never discussed her daughter Maiya's dad.  With anyone.  EVER.  Estranged from her family in Oregon, she lives in LA with her husband River and Maiya.  And although River is the awesomest stepdad ever, Maiya begins to act out and wants to know the truth about her heritage.  This begins their journey (literally and figuratively) to forgiveness and healing, and what a path it is!

River, by the way, is one of the most understanding men I have ever seen.  Just saying.  :)

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