Friday, August 26, 2011

Review of "The Remnant" by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

We're getting closer to the home stretch!  As we left off in "Desecration", a huge number of believers have gathered in Petra, a place of refuge.  Nicolae plots that this would be the perfect time to destroy them all as they are in one place...however, a miracle occurs and the believers are unharmed by his attempts.  Rayford (in Petra), Buck (Chicago safehouse) and Chloe are again spread out and have trouble reaching each other.  (Chloe has gone on a mission of sorts, leaving Kenny behind - which btw I as a mother thought was a little unusual....)  The Chicago safehouse is compromised and our primary Tribulation Force members go to San Diego with the eventually rescued George Sebastian.  In more Bowl Judgments, freshwater everywhere is turned to blood, and the sun is super hot.  Not all of our favorites make it to the end of this installment alive...but I suppose that it would be extra unrealistic to hope that they would all be present at the final "Glorious Appearing".
Darkness overtakes New Babylon, and Armageddon is coming...

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