Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review of "Apollyon" by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

Book number five in this exciting series....Apollyon is on a fast pace and things are really starting to happen.  The Trib Force has now mobilized across the world and their reach is wide with the huge influx of believers from the Soul Harvest.  Both Rayford and Buck cut all ties with the Global Community - their 'double' life is just getting too close; others take their place on the inside.  We still have five years of the Tribulation to go before the Glorious Appearing; Chloe is pregnant; and Hattie Durham is also pregnant with Nicolae's baby, and still resisting the truth! The Two Witnesses (Eli & Moishe) are at the Wailing Wall where Nicolae argues with them; he has openly pronounced any believers to be directly opposed to the Global Community, but he will still attend the Great Meeting of the Witnesses in Jerusalem, led by Tsion Ben-Judah and attended by the 144,000 (and more).  The next Trumpet Judgment (crazy details about those locusts....creepy) begins.

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