Friday, August 26, 2011

Review of "The Mark" by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.  How far would you go?  In the eighth book of the Left Behind series, His Excellency, The Risen Potentate (I love all these names), Nicolae Carpathia has come back from the dead and is now indwelt (see book #7) by Satan himself.  The time has come for the "mark of the beast" to be established - a 'loyalty' mark to the Global Community.  Without this on their forehead or hand they cannot buy/sell, move about freely, etc.; and if you refuse to get it, you will die.  Good thing the Co-Op has already been established.  :)
Many of the Trib Force members are now in the Strong Building in Chicago, an area which the GC thinks is radioactive.  They are hoping this will buy them some time, especially as they are past the halfway point now - less than three and a half years to go.

I especially found interesting the several different scenarios presented in regards to taking the mark: there were the obvious "sign me up, I'm in" and "no ways", but there were people who STILL had to think about it (even after all we've been through!), and even a believer forced against his will to take it....this book made me think again, thoroughly - that if I were tested past what I think my mind and/or body should handle....what would I do, specifically?  And if I had chosen not to take the mark, would I turn myself in and get it over with, or try to make it to the end, keep fighting?

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