Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review of "Journey to Riverbend" by Henry McLaughlin

A solid first offering from new author Henry McLaughlin, this book had many things I enjoyed and only a few I perhaps didn't.
Our main characters are Michael Archer (who has come to town solely to deliver a message from a dead man to his estranged father) and Rachel Stone (a former prostitute - she was essentially forced into the lifestyle following long term molestation and abuse), who has an incredibly close relationship with Christ.  They are both well defined examples of redemption and forgiveness - I loved how really, the majority of the town embraced Rachel - and those who sterotypically judged her were frowned upon, interesting for that time period (1878).  I also enjoyed learning more about the 'search posse' - I understood the concept, but the author clearly illustrated how people really stuck their necks out for another, because it was the right thing to do.
I could have lived without some of the uber-descriptiveness of the shall we say, romantic interludes and even the violence - some things (totally my opinion) would have been a bit better left to my quite active imagination.
As a whole, although I can't say I LOVED it, found it to be a good read.

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