Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review of "The Tehran Initiative" by Joel C. Rosenberg

It's the sign of a great read when you find yourself (days later, and even after you've started a new one!) reviewing things and trying to reason them out in your mind.  This was one of those books.

In the sequel to "The Twelfth Imam", we rejoin CIA Operative David Shirazi and jump right back into the action, picking up immediately where The Twelfth Imam left off.  The crisis continues to escalate.  Even with nuclear weapons now in play, the White House is quite passive in their response to David's intel, and Israel is taking more and more action.  David's life is further complicated by his mother's cancer, as well as his growing re-connection with Marseille.

In a subplot, Dr. Malik (who David helped flee Iran) is now in a safe house in the US, but he is compelled to take to the airwaves as well as establish a Twitter account, sharing with his countrymen about his conversion and gaining tons of followers almost immediately.  (I loved the several technology nods to social networking, even in a number of different countries, throughout the book).

I can't wait for the next in this series, and I highly recommend both it and the first book, "The Twelfth Imam".

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