Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review of "The Last Disciple" by Hank Hannegraaf & Sigmund Brouwer

Set in the first century, and based on the book of Revelation (the 'Last Disciple' refers to John), this book offers a different take on the Tribulation than the Left Behind series.  I find it interesting that both series are published by Tyndale House, especially considering the Afterword.

That said, here are my thoughts:  I felt this was a well written and intriguing book.  However, there are so many characters and subplots that at times I (and this could just be me) was a bit challenged to keep it all straight.  It well illustrates the excesses of ancient Rome and the abuse of power and corruption so common then.  I appreciated the author's research and seeming understanding of the times.

I can recommend this book; however, I don't feel that it's one I would personally care to re-read over and over.

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