Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review of "Beckon" by Tom Pawlik

Welcome to Beckon: You're not here by chance.

The story of three people who arrive in the same town, around the same time, for very different reasons:
Anthropology student Jackson Kendrick wants to validate his father's research and find out the truth about his disappearance.
Police Officer Elina Gutierrez is searching for her cousin, who disappeared in a suspicious manner...did he find a job, or was he kidnapped?
Devoted husband and retired businessman George Wilcox is desperate for his wife Miriam to be healed from Alzheimer's.  He will do anything for their lives to go back to the way they used to be, and he has been searching for a way to fix this for four years.
Once they (individually) arrive, crazy things begin to happen - and it just gets stranger and stranger.

This was an interesting read for me.  I'm not typically a huge fan of the "thriller" genre, and even after waiting a few days to write this review, I remain lukewarm towards this book.  I did appreciate the author's style of introducing each "main" character's story separately, but then weaving everything together without much retread - it was seamless and impressive!  Be aware that this book is pretty graphic and descriptive in regards to the human sacrifices.  Ultimately, I just have mixed feelings.

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