Monday, July 16, 2012

Review of "Skip Rock Shallows" by Jan Watson

I've missed Jan Watson books!  So glad to get to revisit one of my favorite characters, Lilly Gray Corbett.

Lilly is all grown up and is a doctor now, and is at her first "post" in Skip Rock Shallows.  Skip Rock is a mining town and therefore injuries are common.  Initially she is ostracized and people are suspicious (after all, this is the early 1900's and women doctors are unusual); but after she saves a local's leg and they discover she is the cousin of a prominent family, she is accepted.  Throw in some conspiracy and a tiny bit of a love triangle, and we've got a story!

I enjoyed Skip Rock Shallows and can easily recommend this book (and all of Jan Watson's books, for that matter).

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