Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review of "First" by Rich Froning with Davis Thomas

Rich Froning is a fitness champion; the two-time CrossFit Games winner who is known as the "Fittest Man on Earth".  "First" chronicles his journey from the life lessons of learning work ethic from his dad as a small child (that he later translates into workout ethic!), becoming a fire fighter and assistant strength coach at Tennessee Tech, meeting his wife Hillary, starting a Gym (and then a CrossFit Gym), to taking us through what occurred step by step during both of the CrossFit Games he won, claiming the titles back to back.

We learn much about his family, both immediate and extended, and how the impact of a number of his close family members' deaths have greatly changed his life.  Also interspersed throughout the book are different "CrossFit Defined" segments that tell how to execute different CrossFit exercises and techniques.  He also repeatedly asks himself the question of his purpose - and defines it for us in this book.

At 25, Rich Froning has only been involved in CrossFit for a handful of years and his accomplishments to date are truly inspiring.  I can easily recommend this book, especially to any fitness enthusiasts - you will enjoy learning the behind-the-scenes at the CrossFit Games, AND, you will get workout ideas along with your good read!  :)

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