Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review of "She's Got Issues" by Nicole Unice

Counselor Nicole Unice shares from her heart on several issue-laden topics that seem to especially plague women.  She seems quite transparent, sharing both her own experiences as well as those (by permission) of her clients and friends that illustrate each chapter's topic.  These include: Control, Comparison, Insecurity, Fear, Anger, Unforgiveness - even just plain feeling crazy (issues, everyone's got 'em!) - all covered in a real and non-platitude way.  The companion chapters to the 'problem' topic provide potential, non-textbook solutions.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Each chapter also includes what she calls "Taking a 'Space Bar'" -a little break to really examine and pay attention to a specific issue or incident and therefore be able to process and deal with it; a prayer; a journaling exercise, and Group Discussion questions.  There are even snap tags at the end of every chapter where you can watch a bonus video with Nicole.  Some chapters have a quiz (i.e., "Are You a Control Freak?") that illustrate and illuminate issues.  The end of the book includes a great list of further resources including how to find a counselor along with some recommended reading.

I love the author's obvious genuine love for people, it is clear that she truly wants to help people work through and be released from their issues, by a true heart change from God.  She communicates well and this book is recommended for anyone who is struggling with the above issues list, as well as anyone who would like to communicate more effectively.

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