Monday, September 2, 2013

Review of "Wrestling With the Devil" by Lex Luger with John D. Hollis

Lawrence Pfohl, aka Lex Luger, has experienced many 'exciting' things in his life.  From growing up with a loving family, an obviously gifted in the world of sports child and teen, to college football, even professional football, and then to the heights of professional wrestling, Luger's life was a study in excess.  Some might say he had it all and eventually threw it away, succumbing to the 'lifestyle' and eventually becoming addicted to adoration, as well as drugs and alcohol.  He had affairs, spent time in prison, is apparently still distanced from his ex-wife and children (although he clearly loves them) and hit rock bottom before admitting that he needed help, spiritually and personally.  In 2006 he chose to follow Jesus and his life has never been the same.

Shortly after making that decision he was paralyzed (in a crazy turn of events), and was diagnosed as a C-5-C6 quadriplegic with very little hope of recovery.  Miraculously, within a year of that diagnoses he was actually able to walk unassisted and even live and drive on his own - just a few of the things doctors said would never happen!  Currently one of his volunteer spots is at the Shepherd Center, the facility he was sent to for his spinal cord injury.  He also works with a non-profit organization called World Wrestling Outreach as well as volunteers to help people with different addictions.

As I was not extremely familiar with the world of professional wrestling, this was a very interesting book for me.  Don't we all love stories of redemption?  He really owns his shortcomings, and there is no sense that he is trying to look good or paint things in a better light.  For that I truly admire his transparency. Reading between the lines however, it appears that there has not been a reconciliation of any kind with his ex-wife and children, as they are not mentioned at all following the divorce section. If you ever paid any attention to wrestling you will definitely be interested in this book, but I truly think it is a great read for just about anyone.

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