Monday, June 6, 2011

Review of a favorite, "So Long, Insecurity...You've Been a Bad Friend To Us" by Beth Moore

First of all, the title: "You've been a bad friend..." - Genius.  Isn't it true?  Insecurity is the bad friend no more after reading this book.  I have only read a few other Beth Moore books, but (so far) this one is absolutely my favorite.  I know this is completely cliched, but I laughed, cried, read sections aloud to friends....I didn't even care if they were bored, because I sure wasn't. :)
I cannot say enough good things about this book.  I am grateful that Beth put on paper a lot of the thoughts I didn't think I wanted to share out loud, and then published it, so I could quit feeling weird about feeling, well, weird.
I firmly believe that almost ALL of the problems in this world ultimately stem from people's insecurity.  (Would we even HAVE mean girls without it?!)  If you have ever felt even a tiny bit unsure, check it out....this could be a great book for you.

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