Monday, July 14, 2014

Review of "In the Secret Service" by Jerry & Carolyn Parr

This was such an interesting book! An autobiography of the Secret Service Agent who was protecting President Reagan when he was shot, Jerry Parry has led a very interesting life. He was born during the Depression and as a child had a dream of working in the protection industry after seeing a movie starring (who else (!) Ronald Reagan as a Secret Service Agent. He was able to watch history unfold literally around the world at a very close up level. He served his country for several decades and saw the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, several presidential elections, protected heads of state and royalty from around the world, working with integrity and along with his accomplished wife, raising a family (three daughters) at the same time. Following his retirement, Jerry & Carolyn began to serve their fellow man as Jerry studied to become a counselor, pastor, and missionary. His wife Carolyn is a federal tax judge and they have dedicated themselves to serving God and others.

I found this book fascinating and well written. I can easily recommend it!

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