Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Review of "The Alliance" by Jolina Petersheim

Told in alternating viewpoints between the two lead characters, Leora and Moses, the author opens the story with Moses' plane crash into the Mennonite community that Leora lives in. The plane crash is quickly suspected to be the result of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) - but whatever it is has rendered all current technology useless. The enigmatic Moses soon becomes invested in the community's survival - along with a few other "Englischers" who agree to help protect the area and ration the food supply the community possesses.

The author paints beautiful word pictures that make for poignant storytelling. Overall, I enjoyed this book but did have some difficulty truly caring about the characters. Yet, it was still an interesting story. Personally, it would have helped me to better process the pace of the book if I had understood from the outset it was the first either in a series, or of two books...which I (somehow!) missed completely until the end. And, although the end is not necessarily a cliff hanger, I cannot completely describe this as a standalone book.

All in all I do recommend this book and encourage you to get it and see what YOU think!

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  1. Thanks for the review, Kristen! Excited to share The Divide with you! :)