Thursday, December 3, 2015

Review of "Until the Dawn" by Elizabeth Camden

Sophie van Riijn is passionate about many things: her community, cooking, and the emerging weather sciences; but she is especially passionate about finding her purpose and meaning in life. She has even set up a volunteer weather station on the rooftop of Dierenpark, a magnificent estate owned by the Vandermark family on the Hudson river. However, the families' surprise arrival to take back the house they have left abandoned for decades soon turns out to be part of a plan to reduce it to rubble.

Quentin Vandermark is in constant pain due to a terrible leg injury, and it colors every moment of every day. He is determined not to be one of the "idle rich" and works as an architect, but as he has been incapacitated for some time, is just getting back to normal living. He is sent by his grandfather to Dierenpark specifically to create the best plan to level the house to the ground....all in an effort to eliminate the curse Nikolaas Vandermark believes is part of the property.

The author has layered numerous interesting characters into this story, which includes humor, romance - even a mystery! I have enjoyed every single one of Elizabeth Camden's books and this was one of my favorites. 

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