Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review of "A Bone to Pick" by Mark Bittman

This book is a collection of a number of Mr. Bittman's opinion columns from the past several years, most of them originally published in the New York Times. Some of the titles include: "The Right to Sell Kids Junk", "Dietary Seat Belts', "The Frankfurter Diaries", and my personal favorite, "Is Alzheimer's Type 3 Diabetes?"

If you are looking for a quick read, this is not it - each column is quite thought provoking and requires time to process. With words at a premium in a newspaper column you can easily see that he chose his very carefully - and this is a fascinating compilation. Whether you believe that our food system needs fixing, is great the way it is, or needs to be thrown out altogether - you will appreciate the conversation being started.

A Bone to Pick

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